Month: September 2015

CF’s annual club rush: what’s your status quo?

Whoever said that college is only mounds of homework and hours of class? After the club rush put on by the Student Activities Board (SAB), there isn’t a student who doesn’t know about all the different clubs and extracurricular activities that CF offers.

With over 60 tables set up for the event, no one was unable to find at least one good club. Each table shared it’s own visual appeal to students as well as their activities to draw students in to be involved.

Another first was the event officially being indoors rather than outside.

“We felt it was better indoors because of the unpredictable Florida weather, there’s air conditioning for students, and it created a better atmosphere for the music,” Jerrell White, president of SAB, said.

A tradition kept though were cards given out with the first booth any student visited and six stamps from other booths later, free pizza was given out as an amazing benefit to attending the event.

One of the most surprising parts out of the entire event though was the Patriot Dancers taking over the gym in a storm of a flash mob they had been working on for the past few weeks.  The flash mob choreographed grabbed the attention of every student and with some of the most popular dance songs following, students joined in to the rhythmic fun.

“It was great for getting our voice out about tryouts,” Brittney Bell, the Patriot Dancer coach, said. “We’re looking for dancers with great energy and interactivity and it really showed today.”

Energy was definitely raised again and definitely got every student involved in some way.  The booths were swarmed with students gawking at the large boards and interesting props to get involved.  Engagement was high amongst students making new friends and meeting club advisors.


Students, Nicole Cruz and Jason Flowers, showing off their dancing skills.

   “There were so many clubs I didn’t even know about,” Stephanie Cowan said.

With all the different interaction with students from dribbling a soccer ball, to learning how to salsa, and even just picking up a free water bottle after a survey, club rush was definitely a hit with the varying Patriots of CF.


“There were over 400 students involved today that signed in, which makes a high attendance since enrollment has been down,” White said. “Overall it was a great turn out today.”

With a turn out as high as this year, clubs are sure to be booked up and students preventing themselves from the unending boredom that most believe that college is. So get up and go find that club to match your status quo.

By: Taylor Champion