Month: April 2014

UK artist, Example, revives early EDM sound on new album ‘Live Life Living’

By Lauren Caulfield

In the expanding world of electronic music there are many genres with vastly different sounds. Though electronic music has gained incredible popularity in the past decade, it is still as difficult as it was in the genre’s inception to categorize the respective artists in to sub-genres in hopes of describing the sound.

Example, a household name in Britain’s pop and electronic music scene, is only now becoming popular in America after his signing to Epic Records last year.

Example’s music is roughly a fusion between hip-hop, house music and old-school electronic dance music (EDM) with trace elements of hardstyle rave, since modern dubstep seems to have forgotten about those nasty breakbeats from 90s rave music.

If his music had to be compared to notable artists, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and ATB would be like Example’s godparents. The biggest difference between Example and other electronic artists are his full-lyrics to each song, which often incorporates his rapping as well as singing.

Dropping this summer, Example’s fifth and newest album, ‘Live Life Living’, in which he cited influences of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld, will not disappoint listeners with its different direction from his past albums.

Credit:, music video by Example performing ‘Kids Again’, © 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

The second single from the album, “Kids Again”, ignites the album with its sing-a-long, club anthem and soaring synthesizers that evoke a bubbly, carefree bounce from your knees. For Example’s audience of 20 to 30-something-year-olds, lines like “I miss my youth, it was oh so simple” are going to hit listeners right in the feels.

The iTunes exclusive single, “Only Human”, incorporates the aforementioned Underworld influence with its dance club repetitiveness and dark tones. And “All The Wrong Places”, the lead single, starts with a hardstyle-esque beat and a synthesizer loop that slowly fades into distorted waves that crash in a powerful breakbeat reminiscent of the first time you heard The Immortal’s Mortal Kombat theme song.

Credit:, music video by Example performing ‘All the Wrong Places’, © 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

Despite having a slight bias towards old-school electronic music, this album will be a good introduction to Example for his American soon-to-be-fans.

With his latest music video for ‘Kids Again’ having been filmed in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Fla., and having just performed live at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival in March 2014, it is safe to assume Example will perform in Florida if he plans a US album tour.

Until ‘Live Life Living’ releases June 23, 2014, some excellent singles to help catch up to the evolution of Example’s music are, “Midnight Run”, “Natural Disaster ft. Laidback Luke”, “Never Had A Day”, “Shot Yourself In The Foot Again ft. Skream”, “Sick Note”, “Dirty Face”, “Kickstarts”, Flux Pavillion – “Daydreamer ft. Example” and Pet Shop Boys – “Thursday ft. Example”.