Month: February 2017


Educational Advisor Boise Waiters, talks to his audience

Educational Advisor Boise Waiters, talks to his audience

Mega Monday continued its efforts of helping people in unhealthy relationships by having the Club of Educational Opportunity hold a seminar centered around maintaining a healthy relationship.

The man featured to lead the seminar was Boise Waiters, an educational advisor at CF. On top of being an educational advisor, Waiters has worked with domestic violence victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Waiters said that these are damaged people in a cycle.

“I think he was effective,” said Tom Ziesmer, one of the head organizers of Mega Monday. “He’s personable, a clear speaker, and he stuck with his point.”

Waiters began the seminar by passing out a paper that he dubbed the “Relationship Checklist”. In this, he asked the audience to circle the qualities they look for in a partner. This paper ranged from things like pretty to book smart.

Waiters then went around the room and asked people what they circled on their paper. The main point of this exercise was to show similarities and differences with what people want.

Waiters said that he was surprised by the lack of one of the most important things in a relationship on the papers. The one that was missing was honesty. But also, while honesty is important, there are other attributes that are just as important.

“If you don’t have communication, trust or respect, it will not be a healthy relationship,” Waiters said. Waiters also discussed that work, commitment and understanding is required for a long-term relationship.

“I think one of the more interesting things in the seminar was speaking to the aspects of a relationship that makes for strong relationships,” said Jay Thompson, a social science professor at CF. “It was an interesting look into human behavior.”

When Waiters finished talking about romantic relationships, he began discussing what it takes for a successful friendship to blossom. One of the main attributes Waiters discussed for this to happen is to have your friends back.

Waiters also said you should surround yourself with positive people in life to get a positive experience out of life. As in, if you associate yourself with people who want to succeed, you will also succeed.

Waiters then discussed how these traits can be used on everyday strangers. Waiters said that small gestures are important with any relationship, this extends to complete strangers.

After a round of applause for his discussion, Waiters left the seminar with one last sentence that can be applied to many situations. “You never know the impact you have on a person.”

Story and photo by: Colten Gardner