Month: November 2013

International Food Festival

Written By : Caitlin Morales



At CF, the student body is very diverse. Most of the students come from separate backgrounds and cultures. There are students who follow different religions, come from different countries, and speak different languages.

To celebrate CF’s diversity, the International Food Festival was held on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 at the Klein Center. There was also a silent auction to benefit the United Way.

A total of 17 clubs and organizations were a part of the festival, each representing a different nation. They each were given a table, where they served cuisine inspired by their chosen country.

Some of the groups involved were the Equestrian Club, serving chai tea from India, and the Veterans club, serving ginger chicken from Thailand. St. Leo’s University was also there, serving fried plantains from the Dominican Republic.

Rena Thomas, assistant director at the Ocala Center, was there for St. Leo’s University. She was excited that they were able to join in the festivities.

 “This is the first day that one of the partners is participating,” Thomas said. “We just wanted to be a part of the event.”

Another club at the event was the Florida Future Educators of America, representing England. They embraced their theme by dressing up as English ladies, while serving trifles and cucumber sandwiches.

“The trifles are made of angel food cake, vanilla or chocolate pudding, then strawberries and topped with whipped cream,” Casey Jewell, a member of the club, said.

Many guests attended the festival, eagerly lining up to visit the individual groups. Every person received a plate for their food and tables were available for those who wanted to sit and eat.

A guest at the event was Elizabeth Chacko, a liberal arts major at CF. She decided to come to the International Food Festival after she had heard some of her classmates talking about it.

“I was thinking about going to eat lunch at the cafeteria, but then, everyone I knew was talking about the food festival,” Chacko said. “I thought this was better because you can just give a dollar in exchange for the food.”

Besides the food, another important part of the event was the silent auction to benefit the United Way. Many prizes, including a Hoover vacuum and reserved spot on campus, were auctioned off.