Month: July 2016

Camp Patriot brings out basketball fans of all ages


Another successful Camp Patriot was held at the Patriot Gym from July 5-8. Camp Patriot is a basketball camp from any boys and girls ages 8-18 looking to develop and improve on their fundamental skills.

Camp Patriot is run by Patriots’ Men’s Basketball Coach Tim Ryan, Assistant Coach Jake Zehnder, and Dunnellon Middle School Coach Mike Rumsey, along with other counselors. They encourage players of all skill levels to come out and make themselves better and more complete players while having fun and learning more about the game of basketball.

“Our camp is a fundamental camp, we come in at nine o’clock and they shoot around for about 15 minutes then we do a lecture on education and drugs,” said Coach Ryan. “After that we spend the next 30 minutes do stretching exercises. Around 10 o’clock we will go into what we like to call stations which teaches the fundamentals of the game. We have six different stations, and they will rotate in between the stations. At each stations the campers will learn and work on a different skill. The stations include shooting, dribbling, defense, footwork, passing and rebounding. Stations will take us to around 11:30 and at that time we will do what we call Fun Games which is where they continue to work on their fundamentals.”

“Next we go to lunch around noon,” Ryan continued. “After that we will watch parts of a basketball movie. After lunch and the movie, we sit them down and do the History of Basketball which is where we sit them down and teach them about the history of the game, how it got started, who invented the game and where his ideas came from. We do it in a trivia situation where we ask questions and if they get the answers right they get to take a shot and if they make it a counselor has to do push-ups. We then finish up the day by playing actual 3-on- 3 and 5-on- 5 games. This isn’t a babysitting camp this a camp where we are teaching all day from start to finish.”

Attending Camp Patriot helps in many more ways than just fundamental skills. It is a way for kids to get improve in the sport they love but they get to have fun while doing it and make new friends and memories throughout the course of the camp.

“Skill development is a big thing but so is character development,” said Rumsey. “These kids are at an age where they don’t know quite who they are yet so if we can mold them to make better decisions, pick the right friends to hang out with, and to move up the scale of life and be successful in whatever they choose to do.”

Because the camp is over the course of multiple days there is no pressure on the kids to learn and grasp everything on day one. They can slowly work on improving more and more each day and can also attend multiple basketball camps at CF to become the player they wish to be.

“Throughout a week you can kind of see improvement in things,” said Coach Zehnder. “But more so in the kids that come back year after year. In fact, we have a kid here that a few years ago see didn’t want to be her but now she is one of the better players in her age group. She really loves the game now and it is really cool to see that progression in a kid.”

The next Camp Patriot will be held on July 18-21. Registration is still open for anyone interested in improving in the game of basketball.

Story by: Brandon Wilson