Month: May 2016

Student art exhibit on campus

Webber Center Art Exhibition

The Webber Center hosts a variety of work made by CF students

The Webber Center is hosting a student art exhibit on campus at CF in Ocala. The exhibit includes works of art in various mediums from students from a variety of majors.

“The Student Art Exhibit is a chance for students to actually highlight what they have done over the semester and at their time at CF,” said Gigi Gonzales, curator of the Webber Center’s art gallery.

“It also is one of our most popular exhibits at the Webber, because a lot of people are actually interested to see what the future artists are becoming and how they’re developing,” said Gonzales.

The Webber Center, complete with gallery and accompanying reception hall, is a cultural meeting place for various banquets and presentations on campus at CF.Webber Center Art Exhibition2

The reception for the student art exhibit featured an awards presentation as well as a complimentary spread of food and beverages. The exhibit was well-received, as the gallery was full of both students and patrons of the arts from the surrounding community.

The student art exhibit will be on display for the entire month of April. The gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Students at CF are producing art in cutting edge media such as 3D renderings and digital collages. Along with stop-motion short films and animated GIF’s, the show was truly a preview of the future of artistic progress, pioneered by Digital Media students like Virgilio Lasaga.

“It has been an exemplary experience, to be at this college and have the opportunity to create both digital works and traditional works,” said Lasaga.

Although digital media took center stage, winning the majority of the awards given, the show was not without traditional works of art. The exhibit featured canvas paintings and more classic mediums like ceramics.

There was a large collection of ceramics and stoneware made by CF students. The various bowls, cups, and other elegantly crafted pottery were reminiscent of the early stages of art; crafts that date back as far as recorded human history.

Overall, the student exhibit at the Webber Center is a well-rounded show that features a plethora of art in all its various forms. To see the art of students diligently studying their various fields of focus is to catch a rare glimpse into the innovative minds of modern creatives.Webber Center Art Exhibition1

The Webber Center will be open to visitors for the duration of this month for all those who want to see the future of art for themselves.

Curator: Gigi Gonzales

Contributing artist and Best of Show Winner: Virgilio Lasaga

Story by: Ryan Andrew Neumann