Month: April 2016

CF’s Imprints Magazine remembers release of first issue with special event at Webber Center


CF Ocala’s own magazine, Imprints, has published its twenty fourth volume this year. The launch party celebrating the first release of the magazine was held at the Webber Center on campus.

The Imprints magazine showcases student artwork and creative writing in a professional way that gives students a presentable platform.

“It’s been challenging but really rewarding. It’s great to see it in print: it’s like a big exhale,” said Jennifer Mazur, assistant professor of communications and advisor to the magazine after finally seeing the physical copies after two semesters of hard work.

The magazine itself is an elegant example of what students at CF are capable of artistically. The overall design was thought out and well-executed. The end results were nothing short of impressive, even to those involved.Imprints 2

“I could not be more proud of this magazine or this staff,” said Levi Cooper, staff member and writer. “We believe in the great minds that exist here at the college,” said Virgilio Lasaga, staff member and designer. “I hope people want to be a part of a staff that does something like this, and that they can showcase their own thoughts and ideas, and have this collective effort to make something great for this college, and for their community.”

The staff really conveyed an intense level of cooperation and dedication to respect the quality of each others work by performing at their highest levels. To see what a group of friends can accomplish when working together with common goals is an inspiration on campus.

The event included an awards presentation honoring contributing artists like Kadeem Wheatle, whose art was featured on the cover of the magazine as well as in multiple mediums within its pages.Imprints Event

The staff responsible for setting up the party did an excellent job at setting the tone for a great event, complete with original centerpieces at every table depicting works from the publication. There were also centerpieces that were personalized to represent each staff member.

There was art, poetry, and even free food! This was a celebration of creativity—and maybe more importantly, a celebration of collaboration! A lot can be accomplished when students work together in clubs like Imprints.

The Imprints magazine can be found around campus at places such as the library or at the Webber Center, as well as at the Fine Arts Center and even at the Appleton Museum. CF students publish another magazine, “In The Write Mind”, at the Citrus county campus and it is available there.

Story by Ryan Andrew Neumann

Imprints Graphic