Month: May 2014

Songs For a New World

By Clay Gloetzner

On April 11, just one week after CF’s production of “Beyond Therapy,” an adaption a story by Christopher Duran, the CF Theater department performs the production, “Songs For a New World” written by Jason Robert Brown.

Although, it can be thought of as a musical, Songs For A New World is actually considered, by the writer, “…a theatrical song cycle. A very theatrical song cycle.” Which is what was conveyed in the performance.

The show started off shaky with the microphones not operating properly in the first song. And at the very end of the song, a singer, whom had an important piece in finishing out the score, involuntary strained their voice. However, the show, which had an unpromising and questionable opening performance, progressed smoothly.

“I think the acting and singing are very good,” said Ariana Maruca, Religious Studies.

Although the main plot was not clear, several separate subplots developed in the performance as the show progressed. Also, the characters names were not easily stated.

One of the subplots that developed was when actor Saul Quinones-Calo and actress Yancey Reeder’s characters sang of their love relationship. Although dysfunctional, it was still a breathe of fresh air to hear the two talented performers sing their pieces, whether out of desperate shimmers of hope for the relationship (Quinones-Calo), or out of doubt for the future of the relationship (Reeder).

“I love coming together with a group of individuals and telling a story together,” Said Reeder. “Being a part of ‘Songs for a New World’ was a wonderful experience.”

A truly great performance was seen by actress Sarah Vane, who also starred as Prudence in Beyond Therapy. Vane delivered an astonishing vocal performance. She was apart of a smaller subplot with her husband, played by Matt Vanaman.

There was a song in which Vane and Vanaman sang of their not-as-dysfunctional love for one another as that of Reeder and Quinones-Calo. In another noteworthy song, Vane played a woman who was displaying hurt, confusion and anger as her husband was wrongly convicted of murder as she is loudly declaring her opposing opinion to the jail warden.

Another great performance was done by actor Shannon Devaughan. He performed several musical numbers, in which he played separate characters in each. These characters include an average white-collared New Yorker dressed in a trench coat singing about society, less than sober director, among several things. His performances were very well done.

The only negatives of the production, for one, was that the technicians who were responsible for the audio for the microphones, showed inconsistencies in their timing of turning the mics back on after said mic was muted. Another element that did not flow very well was the choreography.

As a whole, the production was very enjoyable. The cast did a phenomenal job in their performances. And recovered well after their menial mistakes.

“It was so good that I wanted to be in it myself,” Said Corbin van Fleet, stage hand who was up in the flies. “The performance, as a whole, was sung in harmony and rhythm like no other.”