Month: March 2015

Defensive Tactics class taught at CF

Students Angie Pareves and Dillon Tschrnko switch positions of attacker vs victim.

Students Angie Pareves and Dillon Tschrnko switch positions of attacker vs victim.

About a dozen students attended the information and demonstration session held in building 9. Vehicle travel security tips, home security tips and personal security tips were shared to students. The session began with a Powerpoint that had information regarding projection of attitudes and value of self-worth. If someone had a high self value, they would be willing to fight more for their well-being.

The Police Academy Coordinator, Kat Kelley, pointed out that different personalities could actually lead to confrontation without any words being exchanged.

“Body language and eye contact can contribute to a bad situation,” Kelley said. “A confrontational personality might instigate a problem as opposed to solve one.”

In case of an emergency, there are 14 blue emergency call boxes located all around CF. According to the CF website, emergency call boxes are strategically placed in parking lots and common areas at Ocala and Citrus campuses. They are solar-powered and run on the college’s radio network.

Call box locations can be viewed on the college map as yellow circles with a telephone receiver.
Emergency telephones have been installed in buildings at Ocala and Citrus campuses and the Hampton Center. Telephones in the Learning Resources Center, Bryant Student Union, Ewers Century Center and University Center allow calls off campus. Telephones at other locations connect directly to the Public Safety Office.

After the presentation, the class moved to the tactical gym to practice self-defense.
Two Ocala Police Department representatives coached the class on how to deter attacks.
One method to escape from someone trying to grab you and pull you away is to headbutt them, turn around, push them and run away. Another is the classic slam-in-the-groin, and yet another is to twist your arm away and toward their thumb, which will make them release their grasp.

You have to always be at least a little aware of your surroundings and not completely immersed into what you are doing, especially going out to your car at night.

Already have your keys in your hand so you are not fumbling or digging around in your bag looking for them because that makes you an easy target. Try not to be distracted by your phone or other things. Once you are in your car, lock it. You are safe.

CF student Angie Pareves said, “This was fun. I’ve always wanted to try something like this and I wish CF offered more classes like this.”

Students were able to learn about how to avoid possible confrontations and how to deal with them when they happen. In light of the recent campus attacks in the news from Santa Fe and UF, this class was a great opportunity to learn and feel safer out in the world.

By: Raina Barnett