Month: February 2016

CF Tackles Environmental Issues


One of many recycling bins found on campus.

The College of Central Florida has taken major steps in taking on the environmental crisis. The college has implemented numerous policies and put in place multiple systems in order to reduce its environmental footprint. From water usage to lighting, CF has brought itself into the world of environmental awareness.

CF is making a push towards becoming a more green college. Senior Professor of Environmental Science Steve Mackenzie has been a major part of the dialogue on the environmental impact of the college. The college already has put in multiple systems such as waterless urinals in a majority of the restrooms at the college. “40,000 gallons a year saved, depending on usage” said Mackenzie.

These waterless urinals alone take a major portion out of CF’s water consumption each year, along with other policies and initiatives. Stickers above lights around campus imploring people to turn off the lights when they leave certain areas such as a bathroom; shutting off power to certain buildings during the summer. These are only a few of the attempts CF has made to reduce its impact on the environment.


Water bottle filling station in building 2.

Recycling has also become a major key in the disposal system at the college. Scattered in large numbers around the campus are recycling bins, where students and faculty alike are encouraged to dispose of any recyclable material such as paper, plastic, cardboard, or cans. Even in most classrooms and hallways, a small clue bin can be seen for students to easily dispose of their waste, whilst making a contribution to the environmental crisis, no matter how small it may be.

These initiatives are the brainchildren of the Sustainability Task Force of the College of Central Florida of which Mackenzie holds a seat. The task force has brought numerous simple and major changes that decrease the environmental impact of CF from informing students and faculty about environmental awareness, such as switching all printers, copiers, and computers to power save mode. Informing the people is the main force behind environmental impact. “Communicating to students is important” said Mackenzie. The need for student participation and awareness is a key factor in reducing pollution.

The Sustainability Task Force has brought many new policies and changes to CF. In their first initiative, the task force planted 10,000 trees around the Ocala campus. Allowing the Task Force to apply for the Tree Campus designation that is given by the Arbor Day foundation.

“There is always room for improvement” said Mackenzie. According to Mackenzie CF is among the most environmentally aware colleges in Florida. “There is always ways to be more efficient in lighting, or air conditioning” said Mackenzie. The work of the environmentalists at CF is far from over, as they continue to think of more ways the college can reduce its effect during a time when environmental awareness is a major issue.

Story by: Tim Ross