Month: January 2015

CF Surpasses Santa Fe, Continues Winning Streak

get the ball

The Lady Patriots fight for the ball until the very end.


There is nothing more exciting than watching a game where the score is so close it is hard to tell who will win. The rumble of the crowd, the tension between the competing teams and the suspense felt throughout the fans in the bleachers is what really makes the spectators get on edge.

That was exactly how the College of Central Florida vs. Santa Fe Women’s Basketball game unraveled Wednesday night. The low-scoring game, which could have turned to either team at any given point, was a 6 point game.

CF battled their way to a victory, grabbing another conference win 50-42.

Head Coach Tommy Jones said, “When we saw opportunities to take advantage of something we did.” He said his team has become better at making decisions, especially in pressure situations.

Adding on to how CF competes under pressure, Sophomore Marcella Rocha said, “We don’t panic, we execute, and we keep our head in the game.”

Three of his players each scored 11 points to contribute to the win, Thais Oliveira, Marcella Rocha, and Brittany Grant. Not only did they combine for a total of 33 points, but they also combined for a total of 30 rebounds.

“I was pleased that we were tough enough mentally to grind it out and get the win,” Jones said.

CF came in with a game plan, well prepared and ready to fight for the win.

“We knew that they were going to play some zones, we worked hard on the zones during practice, but we work on everything everyday,” Jones said.

With six more conference games to fight for, CF has a tough conference to compete with. With an overall record of 20-4, Jones has complete confidence in his team while the season is winding down and closing in towards the post season.

“We are learning and growing, getting a lot smarter, and physically we are building and getting stronger,” Jones said.

What is also impressive is that the Lady Patriots are undefeated 6-0 in the Mid-Florida conference.

Sophomore Grant said, “Everyone is coming at us since we are undefeated in our conference so we feel we have to perform well, and always be on our ‘A’ game.”

Feeling pressured is out of the question for this CF team, it is a matter of defending their status and working hard in practice right now.

With a bullseye on their back, CF travels to Jacksonville to play Florida State College at Jacksonville January 31st, this upcoming Saturday at 2pm in hopes to keep their winning streak alive. Florida State College at Jacksonville is trailing one game behind the Patriots.

Next home game will be February 11th against Hillsborough Community College at 6pm, come support your Lady Patriots.

Story by: Sarah Heimbach