Hundreds of students flocked to the Annual Spring Semester Club-Rush yesterday where refreshments and lunch were offered to students interested in an extra-curriculum organization.

Many students are so encumbered by classes, grades, exams, and career worthy degrees that they forget that college has more to offer besides a Vitamin-D deficiency. A vast majority of clubs offer students ways to become more personally involved with the activity of their choice as well as trips to amazing places and facilities.

This year’s Club Rush held almost 30 different organizations, ranging from Pre-Med, Honors Society, and a Salsa organization, urging students to take part in their community and build educational roots that go further then just text-books and lectures.

According to Marjorie McGee, advisor for the Student Activities Board, SAB is one of the longest standing organizations at CF, and is responsible for organizing Club Rush, not only in the spring semester, but also in the fall. McGee was seen excitedly hustling along accounting for all the clubs and equipment throughout the event.

Members of the Student Activities Board.

Members of the Student Activities Board.

“This year is especially exciting because we have so many new clubs to offer along with our success story DJ who actually graduated from CF just recently and is employed with the college now,“ McGee said.

McGee also had a table set up with anonymous surveys about legislative laws that will be proposed or altered in Tallahassee this coming Friday, in which SAB will accumulate the student votes supplied, and make our community voices heard. As Impressive as SAB was, their organization wasn’t the only major club at rush that students could participate in.

ROC, which stands for Realizing Our Cause, is a brand new club offered this semester to students looking to learn the truth about the Bible. Some of the core elements of this group is primarily Bible study; however, the leader Madison Richardson explained that this isn’t a one sided club.

Members of ROCK.

Members of ROC. 

“This club is filled with different denominations, there are so many types of religions and testaments out there, and our goal is to explore that and find truth in the Bible,” Richardson said. We have Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholics, we even have a member in our group whose Muslim. Its not about our differences, but coming together.”

Although ROC is still in its infantry stage, they will be located in building 8, room 102, if anyone seeks to learn the truth of the Bible and currently use the Kings James Version.

Imprints was another club present at Club Rush, the major magazine produced at the Ocala campus, that not only takes on submissions from students with a literary fondness, but also implements photography and artwork.

Members of Imprints.

Members of Imprints.

“We love taking on new members, and if the clubs for you we also take submissions of work that students put together,” said William Andrews, a club member. “The newest addition is set to be announced soon, but we are still taking work from students until Feb. 10.”

If you missed out on Club Rush don’t worry, another event is set to be hosted in the fall. For more information about the clubs and organizations on either campus visit

Story and photos by: Brianna Woodbury