‘Mistafunn’ talking to his Mega Monday audience.

This past Mega Monday featured the renowned slam poet, Daryl Andre Funn ‘Mistafunn’, and also featured CF students and their poetry prowess.

“I wanted to bring another perspective to poetry,” said Amira Sims, the organizer for this week’s Mega Monday. “I haven’t seen any slam poetry on campus since I’ve been here.”

Funn presented four poems that discussed PTSD, racial issues and feminism. He captured the audience using his gestures that brought life to his poems.

“A lot of [slam poetry] deals with social issues,” Funn said when discussing the themes in his poems. “Society influences a lot of it because I can speak from experience.”

Many times, Funn would bait the audience by making them think he was discussing something else, then surprising them with the true underlining meaning.

An example of this was his first poem where it began as if he was talking about his love for woman. He used suggestive tones with every sentence from the beginning. He immediately switched it to how he was talking about ramen noodles the entire time. The audience laughed, and that was his perfect icebreaker into the performance.

“Everyone tells me I’m the master of bait-and-switches,” Funn said. “[The first poem] had sexual undertones, but not because of what I said, but because of the way I said it.”

Funn wasn’t the only performer at the event as there was an open mic segment open to CF students. The first one to perform immediately grabbed the audience’s attention with her strong voice and even stronger message.

Madeline Ginn, a student at CF, showed passion and genuine feelings with her poem about feminism and her struggle of not being afraid of the outside world.

Madeline Ginn participating during open mic.

“These are all things I feel strongly about,” Ginn said. “Being the victim of sexual harassment, I felt the need to put my voice out there.”

Much like Funn, Ginn used hand gestures and movement of her body to add emotion to the poem. The topics of inner beauty and staying strong struck a chord with the audience.

Sims was pleased with the student turnout, and also described how the people that performed during open mic were brave for sharing their feelings with the audience.

This Mega Monday has shown many CF students the power behind poems, and how it can be entertaining as well.

Story by: Colten Gardner
Photos by: Rosa De Saron Caro

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