Graduation is right around the corner and college students need to have their transfer documents in order. The good news is that Dr. Sarah Satterfield coordinated an event for music majors to know how to transfer over to the University of Florida.

CF welcomed Dr. Mutlu Çitim-Kepic on Feb. 15 to talk about “Life After the AA: Transferring to a Four-Year institution.” The lecture was in room 104 of the Fine Arts Center.

“Those attending the lecture can expect to hear an expert on admissions speak about the admissions process,” Satterfield said. “Mutlu will use her years of expertise to help students better understand what is necessary to transfer to a four-year program.”

When the lecture began, there were 17 students and three teachers gathered in the classroom to hear Çitim-Kepic talk about the transfer experience between an Associate’s degree to a Bachelor’s degree. The lecture included important information that students need to know about the admissions process to UF, auditioning and financial aid.

“It’s [UF’s study abroad program in Salzburg, Austria] good for students to experience foreign culture,” Çitim-Kepic said. “It started in South Brook, Austria with eight students, and now has grown to 25 students for 15 years now.”

Çitim-Kepic has previous experience in admissions and registrations and now serves as an advisor at UF. She took the time to share her knowledge about the admissions process. She talked about the different requirements students need, such as credit hours and grades.

In the lecture, Çitim-Kepic displayed the online application on the screen at the front of the room. She showed the audience the application deadline is March 1, 2017 for all transfer students. After students get their applications in, they need to talk to an admission’s advisor. They will lead students through a transfer orientation. What advisors do is interview students to go through their degree audit. They make sure that the student has the necessary credits they need to progress toward their degree.

According to the lecture, UF looks for upper division transfer students. That means that they accept students with 60 credits or more. UF also looks at the student’s grade point average. The better grades a student has the better, because transfer students are in high competition with the rising juniors at UF. A good piece of information to know is that UF does not have grade forgiveness. If a student has a D, that grade is calculated in their G.P.A. Then if they retake the class with a passing grade of a C or better, it’s counted with the first grade.

Once a student majoring in music goes through the application process, they need to complete a pre-admission audition.  Anyone seeking a music major at UF needs to show competency in the instrument or vocals they play. It is highly recommended to participate in one of the scheduled auditions. Anyone interested should contact the School of Music Director of Admissions as soon as possible.

If the student gets an audition, they are required to complete a recommendation form and take a theory placement test. During this process, the student needs to prepare for their auditions and afterwards the University will contact the student and let them know if they got it.

Financial aid is awarded to students at UF. However, there are few scholarships for transfer students. There are band scholarships, but that depends on the need of the instrument.

“I thought the lecture was very informative, and I learned about UF and how to apply to it as a transfer student,” said Cole Howanitz, a CF student.  “It was just all around very informative, and I really enjoyed it.”

After the lecture, Çitim-Kepic answered a few questions from students. They were curious about tutoring, and life on campus. She explained that there is tutoring for students, but not many students live on campus; however, that is an option.

“One of the things we are always telling students is that there is a big difference between meeting the graduation requirements for CF and successfully entering the next institution,” said Dr. Jennifer Fryns, dean of Arts. “This is a really exciting time to be here at CF because now more than ever we are giving students the tools to get the information they need to do both of these things. A lecture like this is a step in that direction. Students who are attempting to get into a limited admission programs often have specialized or additional requirements above and beyond those we required for the student to graduate from CF.”

Story by: Rosa De Saron Caro


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