Independence Day: Resurgence Fails to Live Up to Predecessor


The much anticipated sequel to the smash hit science fiction action film Independence Day, which inspired millions to “not go quietly into the night” was released to the public this
past weekend. Fans flooded to the box office to see if that same patriotic and inspiring feeling would return that the first film bestowed upon movie goers. But beyond the benefit of the doubt, the classic cliché of sequels being inferior to the original came back to bite audiences around the country.

Independence Day: Resurgence had a lot to live up to in trying to recreate the magic from the first movie that drew all different kinds of demographics to a science fiction movie. The first film had heart, and sadly, the sequel just seemed to go through the motions of the first without ever actually eliciting the emotional response the first film was able to draw out. Feelings of defiance against unimaginable odds, and pride in one’s country, delivered by the moving speech that is still used today to inspire patriotism and the will to fight, given by the fictional President Whitmore.

With many of the original cast of characters coming back to save the day in the sequel, save for Will Smith who was replaced by his fictional son in the movie, many movie goers were drawn just to see the old gang back in action.

The new additions to the film in the form of Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher, whose side story and names are quickly forgotten as their meaningful dialogue is limited as well as the depth of their stories. The whole movie hinges on the cameos of the old characters, with Jeff Goldblum reprising his role, and carrying the film on his back.

With generally poor reviews from most major movie rating sources, with a 33 percent from Rotten Tomatoes, and a 32 percent from Metacritic, the film seems to be a proverbial dud. With many claiming the movie to already be a box office flop out of the gate, the fans of the original movie will be generally disappointed with this new attempt to rekindle the spark that was the original Independence Day.

Review by: Timothy Ross


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