Batman v. Superman Review: The Start of a New Era


The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel faced off in the heavily anticipated new addition to the DC cinematic series. In this dynamic clash between two of the world’s most famous heroes we are given an answer to the age-old question: who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

The film thrusts the viewer into the aftermath of the devastating battle between Superman and General Zod in Metropolis which devastated the city. Through the the eyes of Bruce Wayne, the viewer is given the perspective of what a citizen on the ground felt as they watched the city be torn apart: anger and fear.

The fear of what Superman can do is what drives Bruce Wayne to his conflict with the Kryptonian, what he could do if ever he decided to turn his power against the people he protects. The film also coincides with a government who makes attempts to have some sort of control over the Man of Steel, and to hold him accountable for the effects his actions have on the world.

“Although this film is great in its action and initial presentation of characters, the film lacks the dramatic empathy and depth that we often see in recent Marvel films.”

This film did wonderfully in the terms of their take on the Batman. Although many fans have expressed their discontent with the interpretation of the caped crusader, in the film he is presented as a more hate-filled and ruthless crime fighter, using tactics some would see as uncharacteristic of the Batman. However, what these fans fail to see is that this form of Batman comes from Frank Miller, whose version of Batman is seen as a much more brutal and dark character. Ben Affleck deserves praise in his rendition (which he appears to embrace), as well as the dynamic between his character and Jeremy Irons’ Alfred being the lighter and more enjoyable part of the film.

The film serves mainly as a set up for the entire series of films DC plans to make, with the whole range of characters that make up the Justice League being given a brief minute of unveiling in the movie. The most notable character that was also one of the major draws of the movie was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The heroine played a major role in the final conflict, showcasing her abilities. Wonder Woman will receive a stand-alone film, much like Marvel’s system of stand-alone films followed by a unified cast movie.

Although this film is great in its action and initial presentation of characters, the film lacks the dramatic empathy and depth that we often see in recent Marvel films, and even Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films, receiving a consistently poor reviews. DC may not have hit it out of the park with this first installment in their combined cinematic universe, but hopefully in their future productions they can bring more to the table and give the fans a movie they can slap in every diehard Marvel fan’s face.

Story by: Timothy Ross


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