To Act or not to Act?

CF students learn the roles of paramedics assessing relationships and mental stability of emergency patients and the importance of the Baker Act at this week’s Mega Monday Event.

Imagine you are a paramedic called to a home where there are two women: Carol who has a broken arm, and Ashley who has a broken nose. There is a gun sitting out on the coffee table and Carol says Ashley is suicidal and needs to be “Baker-Acted.” This was the scenario given to CF students by EMS project manager Rod McGinnes at this week’s Mega Monday event at CF.

CF students were tasked with looking at this scenario and sorting out what should be done with the two women. What impact would Baker-Acting Ashley have on her future? said McGinnes. Can you tell if either woman is lying or not?

Mega Mondays is a weekly learning opportunity for CF students and staff, allowing students to learn valuable information, as well as providing interesting ways for students to network and get involved on CF’s campus.

CF students ponder the fate of scenario characters.

CF students ponder the fate of scenario characters.

“We do so many things,” said associate professor Tom Zeisemer, a leader in the running of Mega Monday event.

Monday, Mar. 7 was no different, as students were given the opportunity to take a deeper look at just what kind of problems first responders face in possible domestic violence and mental illness cases.

“Today’s event was to teach people about what first responder’s responsibilities are under the Baker Act,” said Zeisemer. “How first responders handle mental illness.”

Students were given papers outlining the rules for Baker-Acting a person and the possible issues of leaving people in possible domestic violence situations.  Students were then given more information: McGinnes suggesting the character Carol may have abused the character Ashley and the character Ashley may have abused her daughter.

Students were encouraged to come up with problem-solving answers for how to deal with the paramedic scenario. Students had to weigh the usefulness, benefits and risks of every suggestion, and by doing so learned the difficulty of first responder’s jobs.

“I had a great time. It educated me a bit more on how the Baker Act works,” said CF student Sylivia Williams.

According to both Zeisemer and McGinnes, this week’s Mega Monday was very much a success, with students seemingly engaged and willing to speak their minds.

“I think they (students) asked pretty good questions. I think we were successful in getting people to think about domestic violence in a different way,” said McGinnes. “They really learned about the complexity of domestic violence issues.”

The next Mega Monday event will be held March 14 at 12:30 p.m. in building 8, room 110 and will discuss what students should know before heading to vote in the upcoming political primaries.

Story by: Melissa Gomez





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