Museum Day Live!


On Sept. 26th 2015, people took trips from far distances such as St. Petersburg, Fl, to attend “Museum day live!” at the Appleton Museum of Art here in Ocala.

Upon arriving, free admittance to the Appleton Museum of Art was permitted to visitors who presented tickets printed from the web link:

This year 1,421 museums participated in “Museum day live!” which is an event hosted annually by Smithsonian Magazine, and participating museums across the country allow guests to print tickets for free museum entry from the Smithsonian magazine website.

Jennifer Boys, the Web and Public Relations Coordinator at the Appleton Museum of Art, has been waiting for this event since last year, and was proud to call the Appleton a participating venue.

“Museum day live is a good way for us to gain visibility and partner with other museums,” Boys said. “the free event also gives the families with lower incomes a chance to experience the Appleton.”

Docents were stationed at various sections of the Appleton Museum of Art on Saturday giving guided art tours to guests. One of the docents, Dee Blanchett, showed guests the works on the second floor that were donated to the museum by the late Arthur I. Appleton, who died at age 92. Blanchett also showed guests the Bougereau, which she called “The Appleton’s signature piece.”

“The European area is my favorite part of the museum,” Blanchett said.

For children, there were art themed activities and refreshments were provided on the first floor of the museum.

“I’m a huge advocate for art education, and I believe by encouraging children to make art, the Appleton is filling a huge hole,” Boys said.

If you didn’t attend Museum day live, the Appleton Museum of Art hosts free museum days regularly, and there are plenty more opportunities for free admission.

“There are two very popular brand new exhibits, you really should check them out! The first new exhibit demonstrates realism, and the other new exhibit is by the Ocala Art Group,” Boys said. “I think the Ocala Art Group is an amazing group of artists, and don’t forget to see our new ‘ARTSpace’ for children before you leave!”

For more information on events at the Appleton go to:

By: Stephanie Templeton


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