CF volleyball vs. Santa Fe: the red out game


Tuesday, October 6, at 6pm at CF gymnasium one of the most intense games the CF volleyball team have ever had since the beginning of the season took a place.

CF, which is number 3 in the standings right now, happened to play against Santa Fe College (Gainesville., FL), which takes the 1 position according to the TWO YEAR INDOOR SCHOOLS table.

“All I know is, it’s about to be a hype game tonight!”  said Jerrell White, the president of S.A.B.

The gym was full of “red”; mostly everyone was wearing red at the game! The crowd was screaming and cheering for the CF Patriots!  The game went 5 sets: CF won 2 and lost 3 of them. The Patriot Fan Club got noticed as well as CF Patriot Dancers with their couch Brittney Bell.

The Patriot Fan Club was also giving some red-spirit shirts away to the first 20 people. According to some members of the Fan Club, they might do this again, but for an upcoming basketball game.

“This a really intense game, Santa Fe is doing really well, but I do think that the Patriots will be able to concrete this game.” said Brittney Bell.

Patriot Dancers were not performing at the game, but they were really loud and supportive, according to other people.

The president of CF, Dr. James Henningsen, was present at the game; he was also supporting the CF Patriots. 

This game was a Conference game, which is really important game for the season, unfortunately CF lost this one, but it doesn’t mean that we are out of the tournament this year. CF Patriots still have one more game coming on October the 8 against Daytona State College.

“I think number eleven is a beast!” said Ashlee Winn, Ms. CF 2015. Ashlee was sitting at the front row wearing red and screaming the whole game.

Even knowing the fact that CF lost tonight, they still have a great team, according to the fans.

The next game is October 8, CF is playing against Daytona College; it is not going to be a home game, but you can still watch it online through CF website.

Go Patriots!

By: Anna Makarchenkova


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