CF holds public auction

“Everything must go!”

We have all seen or heard those words before, and while sometimes they can have a negative

meaning, that’s not the case here at College of Central Florida.

CF recently held a public auction of surplus automobiles and related equipment from the former

automotive training program, as well as other surplus college property. The auction was held

this past Saturday, August 29th outside of the Auto Tech building on campus with an attendance

of around 200 people.

Auction 4

Local company McAninch Auction handled the auctioneering, with official-sounding “auction

chant” just like you’ve heard or seen on TV.

A variety of items were for sale, including machinery such as AC units and automobile lifts, and

automobiles ranging from the old to the (relatively) new. Even odd items like a neon “CFCC

A/C” sign and an upright piano were on the auction block, along with just about everything else

that wasn’t bolted down (and even some items that were.)

While many of the items sold for around $50 – $100, some of the newer working vehicles sold

for more. A former patrol car went for around $600, and a working Jeep Grand Cherokee sold

for $850.

Most vehicles included titles and could be sold to anyone who expressed interest. Others did

not have a valid title, and could only be sold as salvage, meaning they would be heading

straight to a junkyard. At the junkyard, the vehicles will be stripped of useful parts, then crushed

and recycled.

Auction 1

Not everyone was out to salvage, however. Plenty of auction attendees were on the lookout for

a new personal vehicle. Said Alphonso Denmark after winning a bid on a 1998 Buick LeSabre:

“I plan on fixing it up and putting some new tires on it; use it to drive to church.”

There were a number of auto dealerships, mechanics, and junkyards at the auction as well,

keeping an eye out for new equipment or vehicles to sell or salvage. Melody from Midstate

Finance won auctions on multiple vehicles and said most of the automobiles she won would be

“used for salvage.”

CF Vice President of Administration and Finance Joseph Mazur had this to say about the

auction: “After commission expenses, the public auction netted about $30,000 to the college.

The funds will be used for operational expenses of the college. No commitments for the former

automotive program space have been made at this time.”

Bidders were told they had 72 hours to clear out equipment or vehicles after winning, and as of

this writing, nearly all of the vehicles were removed.

What will take the place of the former auto tech building? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we

can look forward to even more exciting things here on campus!

By: Mark Anderson

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