Return of the champion: Lady Patriots compete against CF Alumni for first time ever

The Lady Patriots and CF Alumni come together for a shot after the game.

The Lady Patriots and CF Alumni come together for a shot after the game. Photos by Raina Barnett.

Less than 24 hours has passed since the 2015 CF Lady Patriots volleyball team has even met each other. The game on August 1, 2015 would be their first game playing together against an opponent on the court. Filled with movement, energy and determination, the team would face CF Alumni volleyball players from years’ past. The teams stood toe-to-toe on 90% of the plays, playing a game of point tag as they tied and then fell behind and then tied and then creeped ahead and then tied again.

“This was our first-ever alumni match,” said Volleyball Coach Flavia Siqueira. “Our new squad has not been together for more than 24 hours. This was our first practice together.”

For the first match together, the Lady Patriots held their own. They scored the first point of the game against the challenging team. Ultimately, the young Lady Patriots lost to the Alumni team, but it was clear that a sense of unity was blossoming amongst the squad.

The opposing team was excited and up for the game.

Raveen Golston, CF volleyball player from 2012, explained that the team was like a family, so pulling together for a game was easy.

“We’re actually all still in contact,” said Golston. “We still talk to each other. When we were here we were like family.”

Even being together for less than 24 hours, the new Lady Patriots exhibited support on the court and off the court, clapping and hugging after either a win or a missed point.

“They don’t really know the tempo of the ball yet,” said Siqueira. “It was for us a pick-up game.”

The Alumni team had an excellent blocking strategy against a good amount of the attempted spikes coming from the Lady Patriots. Vaulting themselves into the air, the Alumni blocked powerful spikes from the front row of the Lady Patriot’s side. There was hardly a time when the teams were not tied during the entire first game.

In the second round, the Lady Patriots managed to stay ahead until they hit 20 points. From there, the Alumni geared up and overpowered them.

The third round, the home team again scored first point, but it was a short-lived head start as the Alumni powered ahead once more.

The last game left both teams desperate for the win. Just when it appeared as though the Lady Patriots would lose sight of the winning point, they gained four in a row, and it was anyone’s game as both teams neared 25 points.

The Lady Patriots celebrate a successful serve and point against the Alumni team.

The Lady Patriots celebrate a successful serve and point against the Alumni team.

Yara Lismar is the libero, or defensive player, for the current Lady Patriots. She explained her feelings towards the game.

“I feel like this was a hard game,” Lismar said. “But we’re not really together yet. Some of them got in yesterday and we haven’t practiced a lot.”

It was clear that the Alumni, the home team and the coach had an insatiable amount of love for the game.

“I just love the game,” Siqueira said. “We wanted some of our former players to come back. It went well. For these old fellows over here, our Alumni, it was great to be with people who’ve played for years.”

By: Raina Barnett


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