Law Enforcement Class #169 Graduation


Graduates, from left, David Roberson, Christopher Rekully, and Brenna Norman lead their class to their seats at the beginning of the ceremony.

On July 9, CF celebrated class #169 graduating from the Law Enforcement Academy in the Ewers Center.

The graduating class #169 of Law Enforcement Academy stood proudly during the one hour and fifteen minute ceremony.

Buck Harrell, Company Commander, gave the class address, and encouraged his fellow graduates to remember that the job is not always about enforcing the law.

“We will respond to traffic accidents, we will help the elderly. This is law enforcement but we are not enforcing the law while performing these duties,” Harrell said.

The class began on September 2, 2014. 10 months of night classes Tuesday through Friday, along with some Saturdays, all while most students also juggled full time jobs and families, brought the class together as a family.

Sheriff Chris Blair commended the graduating class on achieving their goal of graduation.

“There is never going to be another 169th class. You’re all very unique, diverse class but today you graduate as one family,” Blair said.

Following the speeches, the graduation continued with the presentation of awards.

Alexandria Buckman walked away with the most awards, tying with Kendra Kirby for the Physical Skills award, and also being awarded the Patriot Award.

Sangi Blair, coordinator for the Criminal Justice Institute and also Master of Ceremonies for the graduation, went out of character this year by awarding the Humanitarian Award to the entire class instead of one person.

Following the presentation of awards, Corporal Allen Jones spoke to the class both as a peer and an instructor. He honored both the students and their families in his speech.

“I commend you for making the decision to be a law enforcement officer and also for the families standing behind you,” Jones said.

Following Jones’ speech, the presentation of Certificates was awarded to all 23 graduates. The certificate was handed to them by a family member or someone the student admired. Sangi Blair mentioned that there was also a deployed family member of graduate Kendra Kirby watching the live feed.

The ceremony ended with Harrell commanding one final drill march and leading them from the Ewers Center conference room.

By: Alison Martin

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