Students Host CF’s Literary Magazine Launch of Imprints



Jessyca Thibault admires the new Imprints magazine.

Did you know you can be a published author for free? This can be done through Imprints magazine, CF’s very own literary magazine. It includes art, poetry and short stories. The grand unveiling took place on Monday, April 20. Imprints issued their CF Student Literary and Art Magazine at the Webber center with a presentation on how the magazine was created by works and pieces of CF students.

Professor Mae Sands is the advisor for Imprints and has been the advisor since 2012, but there is going to be a new advisor and that would be Jennifer Mazur, assistant professor in communications.

Carrie Levy, writing editor, started the presentation with a speech about the importance of participating in a literary magazine. Then she asked for the audience to go and serve themselves lunch as they had lunch ready for everyone at the back of the room provided by CF.

Jessyca Thibault, business major, is a writer and a self-publisher. She published her own book at the age of 17 and it is available on

“Writing is the dream, Business is the backup plan,” Thibault said.

Thibault writes poetry and can write 50 poems at once if they pop up in her head. She tries to write part of a book every day.

Andrea Andrade, childhood education major, graduated from Belleview high school and would usually write poems but now writes short stories. At one point she stopped writing because of school, however she has always liked reading.

“I write about how I feel and tweak it a little bit,” Andrade said.

She explained her work in Imprints as a kind of explosion of thoughts.

“I had so many thoughts in my head and I wrote it [poem on pg. 51] in five minutes,” Andrade said.

John Sapp, the featured author in Imprints, gave a speech at the ceremony as well. He expressed how inspired he is by the people who think outside of the technology going on in this age of the internet.

“Human beings get lost in the world of civilization and can find art in a literary median,” Sapp said. “They can be like a fish in the sea swimming with no whereabouts in the real world.”

Liam Hect is the artist who had the spotlight and gave a speech as well. He talked about how his grandparents and his mother were artists. This made it easier for him to paint all the time and in the Student Exhibition he got the best in the show.

Raina Barnett also got approach the podium to talk about her poem on page 24 in the Imprints magazine.  She read it to the audience, building up the way she read  so tense that the whole audience was silent as Barnett’s breath got tenser and tenser.

This presentation of the Imprints magazine was a way of celebrating students’ accomplishments. At the end, Joshua Noel, Designer, wanted Sands to deliver a speech but instead she asked for Levy, Noel and Kelvin Rivera, Art Editor, to go up to the podium and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. At the end, a brand new issue of Imprints was officially launched and students were able to take pride in their publication.

By: Banesa Medina

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