Student Art Exhibition Premiere and Ceremony

2015-04-08 12.41.10

Michelle Ettrick presents her artistic doll, named Janessa’s Coffee Break.


Art is a wonderful creation made from the innermost ideas and feelings of human emotion. CF supported the arts by hosting the annual Student Art Exhibition took place at the Webber Center on April 8. Here, students contributed their artwork for people to see.  The judge for the 2015 exhibition was Carolyne Henne, a professional sculptor herself and chair of Florida State University. This year’s exhibition had a larger focus on ceramic artworks, but paintings and drawings were still shown at the gallery.

The person in charge of coordinating the artwork was Gallery Coordinator, Griselle E. Gonzales.

“The student’s reception is an art show case,” Gonzales said. “It is basically rewarding students by giving them a realistic feel of what the real art world has to offer, and just giving them a chance at being acknowledged for their work.”

There were at over 40 participants at the event, including the student artists and guests. Michelle Ettrick, an artist at the exhibition, produced the most artwork for the gallery, having 30 pieces of stoneware, cloth, graphite drawing and acrylic shown throughout the exhibit. One piece of artwork that caught people’s eye was her doll made of stained fabric, called Janissa’s Coffee Break.

Ettrick explained her craft of making the Janissa’s Coffee Break look older than it really was.

“I’ve been doing this type of artwork since 2003,” said Ettrick. “If you worked on some research for her, you would look under primitive or folk art dolls. Primitive, because you see how the fabric is stained. You make her look old, so she looks like she’s been around for years but she’s not, I just made her this year.”

However, despite the massive dedication shown from Ettrick, they were other student artists who had other impressive artwork to share. Amanda Eden showed her hard work and creativity through her works, the Murderer and Victim, two cubes made of different materials and Live your Adventure, a self portrait made of paper collages.

The project of the Murderer and Victim, was to create a sense of contrasting properties and ideas between the two cubes. The one cube she made was Spanish moss, which has a very soft texture compared to the other one made of hard wood.

She gave the work’s name, “The Murderer and Victim,” to describe how such a soft Spanish moss could kill a hard and dense tree.

“You usually think of Spanish Moss as long and stringy and flowy, so to have it cubed would be a little mind bending,” Eden said, “It really makes you think which of these two was the killer but in this case, it was the Spanish Moss.”

Eden also paid a lot of attention to her work, Live your Adventure. She explained how she carefully changed the words that matched her hairstyle, namely curly or dark. The attention to itself is very impressive, as the collage has a very amazing composition and the shadow lightning to her face is dramatic.

Bethany Rodriguez used mixed media to create a dummy-like figure. The glossy texture to the hair, the grotesque teeth and the sullen large eyes gave the dummy a particular sad feeling and the textures were incredibly detailed given the complexion of her dress and skin.

Refreshments were offered at the start of the awards ceremony.  Art professor Tyrus Clutter announced the winners for the event. Third place went to Blue Flower Vase by Ettrick, second place to Cuando Llego La Manana by Rodriguez and first place to The Murderer and Victim by Eden.

Lastly, the Best of Show award went to the Gauche Painting, A Dip, from artist Liam Hecht. A Dip demonstrates excellent use of warm and colors together, showing an excellent contrast in the use of colors.  Clutter also announced that the school purchased artwork from several students.

If you are an artist who did not attend this year’s student exhibition, there is always another chance to show your skills and talents next year. CF hopes to see more and new exciting art from artists new and old next year.

By: Leslie Lo


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