Citrus Campus 2K Fun Run Brought Back a Second Year



Students prepare to burst off at the beginning of the 2K.



Food high in potassium, vitamins and minerals were available;e to all runners. 

The fun run was introduced in order to remind students at the Citrus Campus to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be active in the community. Last year was the first time the run was introduced, and the run was brought back due to the popularity of the event. The run took place through a section of the parking lot and around the entire campus, and every participant had to do that run twice for it to equal up to a 2k.

 “A lot of people enjoyed it last year,” said Dr. Vernon Lawter, Vice President at the CF Citrus Campus. “We had about 60 [people] last year.”

All students and faculty can participate in the run, but Lawter and other students and faculty hope the fun run soon becomes a public event.

Although having a public fun run may be an event in the near future, head student ambassador Dale Eastmond believes it will have to be a longer track and will take a lot more planning.

“It should be a public [event],” he said. “It would have to be a lot more work like a 5k.”

The fun run is strictly for fun, according to Lawter. He said to all students and faculty before the run that it does not matter what place you finish because it is just for fun. Upon completion of the run, students received a little backpack with the 2k Fun Run logo and a metal. Students also received a t-shirt for signing up and participating in the fun run.

The shirts, backpacks and metals were funded to CF by sponsors. The sponsors were local companies, stores, restaurants and the CF Citrus Student Ambassadors. It included SCORE of Citrus County, Humphrey & Saltmarsh P.L., Chapel Podiatry of Brooksville, Havana House Cafè, Vitamins of Homosassa, WeAreAllUniversal, Professor Swade and Walmart of Inverness.

The first five ‘winners’ of the run were freshmen David Ambra, Elijah Corcoran, Jonathon Lambert, Lawter and freshman David Dura.

After the race, students and faculty could go to the campus pavilion for a health and wellness fair to enjoy snacks such as sandwiches and vegetable platters, enter in a raffle for a $20 Visa gift card and play games like tug-of-war, corn hole, sack races and more.

Many students like sophomore Sean Adenji like the idea of hosting an event to aware students about being healthy.

“[It helps] being healthy, trying to eat healthier and feel like your body gets [the] exercise you need,” he said.

According to student life coordinator Jodi Greene, the Citrus Campus does not get a lot of health awareness and promotion due to a lack of sports teams. She believes that events like the fun run allows students to remain involved in sports-like activities.

“I think my favorite part is because it gives the Citrus Campus some health benefits,” Greene said.

The most important thing to Lawter is to continue to show students that being healthy is important, especially in college.

“We want to promote wellness on this campus,” he said.

By: Emily Kelley

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