CF’s Spring Fling Health Fair

Photos by Taylor Champion

sp fling

These students helped support the Spring Fling cause.

After hosting a fun fitness field day just under a month ago, CF’s Student Activities Board continued to hold their standards on healthy living by hosting a spring fling health fair at the Bedford Plaza on March 16.

The plaza was filled with different booths from different clubs, each with a specific purpose. Nursing students offered free blood pressure tests to give students a fairly good idea about his or her own range of health.

“All we do to show your blood pressure is hand you a little slip after the test,” Nursing student Crystal Bare said.

The Patriot Dancers handed out water and flyers about the importance of staying hydrated, while others raised awareness about pollution and cancer. Even representatives from Saint Leo University came to the event to hand out sanitizer.

“People don’t realize just how important water is for them, it’s what most of our bodies are made of,” Patriot Dancer Rebecca Rocker said. “So we’re handing out some flyers to help give them the right idea about it.”

Big white tents held all different foods that helped students to live a healthier life. The event encouraged the trading out of chocolate bars and bags of chips for super-sized to go salads and scrumptious chicken wraps. It was hard to pick up anything that was not healthy with fairs like this.

“We’re handing out healthier snacks [for students] to munch on,” Ashley Winnfree said.

Tyla Kennedy revisited CF representing Herbalife after previously attending a Fun Fitness Field Day and strengthened her bond with CF students.

“[She] makes a really good role model for students to look up to and follow after,” Winnfree said.

Music filled the air to draw students in and raise spirits, but more than spirits were raised in the heat of noon. The book sale for March of Dimes was by far one of the largest contributions to the fair. With paperbacks, hardbacks, and even textbooks being sold, there was something for everyone. In addition to this, all the proceeds went to the March of Dimes, and it boosted more spirits than just those of CF.

Students received all this free information and goodies just before the beginning of spring break. The goal of a healthy spring break was that much closer, as well as a life filled with good health and wellness, not mention a great amount of physical activity. CF’s Student Activities Board advocates strongly for a healthy, active and well-rounded life, and this event allowed the passing along of information, goodies and free (healthy) food.

By: Taylor Champion


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