NYC Fashion Week: The Inside Scoop from a CF Student


Models ranged from glitzy to natural to chic during the NYC Fashion Week.

Models ranged from glitzy to natural to chic during the NYC Fashion Week.

There are two times out of the year where the fashion scene goes crazy, the models strut on a runway, and the media eats it all up. Fashion week is a worldwide venue for all cultures of fashion to come together during September (Summer/Spring) & February (Autumn/Fall) to bring out the best collections on display.

“Press Week,” known as fashion week to most, was created in 1943 as a distraction from French Fashion during World War II. Parisian fashion was at an all-time high and magazines such as Vogue goggled all over them, which left the American designers in the shadows. In that year, many could not afford to travel to Paris for Press Week so the birth of New York Fashion Week was created.

70 years later the schedule still remains the same with New York kicking off the glamorous week, to London, Milan, and lastly Paris closing out the shows. New York fashion week is now considered one of the most prestigious events to attend but not just any fashion week is prestigious.

A more crowd-friendly show is Couture fashion Week, which features a slew of different designers from all over the world. There are also independent shows outside of the main fashion week that common people can attend, but the most prestigious of all is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

In 1990 a small loft catered to the fashion world’s elite journalists, publicists and much more for the latest Michael Kors collection. The music’s bass began to tremble the ceilings and before you knew it the ceiling collapsed on fashion editors Suzy Menkes and Carrie Donovan. This caused the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to take action and bring the latest’s fashion shows all under one roof.

That roof is now known as the Lincoln center in Manhattan, New York. The Mercedes-Benz fashion week is an invite only show but makes exceptions for the media such a bloggers, photographers, and other freelance media personnel. Although that is favorite in my book, I attended this year’s autumn/ fall fashion week, and went outside of the barrier to attend and upcoming designer/reality star’s fashion show. Nu by Cyn Santana from Love&Hip-pop was a collection to remember, a palette of all nudes was a game changer this season.

The reality starlet Cyn Santana has dipped in clothing lines during the airing of Love&Hip-pop last year but she brought this collection alive by claiming it as her own and airing it during fashion week 2015. Nude jumpsuits, nude suede dresses, and even nude crop-tops are selling out from her collection since the presentation. I had the opportunity to witness the show first hand and it is a ready-to-wear collection. Pieces that any girl can rock with any ensemble were prevalent in the collection.

Cyn Santana’s show was only a taste of what fashion week truly is. From the Prestigious shows in Mercedes-Benz that feature top designers such as Fendi, Chanel, and much more. To the independent shows like Nu by Cyn Santana and Couture Fashion week. When one attends fashion week you begin to realize you do not have to know or write the book on fashion to share a love on something most people enjoy. Each season of fashion week truly defines the meaning of art through clothing.

By: Erica Wong


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