Mega Monday Event at CF Urges Students to be Awesome

Carlos Fernandez was well-prepared for his presentation. His outfit was professional and the content of his powerpoint was easy to comprehend.

Carlos Fernandez was well-prepared for his presentation. His outfit was professional and the content of his powerpoint was easy to comprehend.

CF has held an event called Mega Mondays for awhile now, which stands for Meet Eat Grow
Act. It is held each Monday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. and is located in building eight, room 110. It is free and open to all CF students who want to network, act on issues, expand their knowledge, and serve the campus and community.

The Psychological Rehabilitation Education Program (P.R.E.P.) Club hosted the event and had a motivational speaker, Carlos Fernandez, speak to inspire CF students on Feb. 23. His main theme was to “always choose to be awesome in life.” He had a presentation on how he overcame obstacles throughout his life.

Fernandez is a hearing impaired student in both ears and has had to deal with this since he was five years old. However, this didn’t impede him from living his life to the fullest.

Fernandez admitted that he had low self-esteem when he was fifteen years old and he urged the audience to not be a downer.

“These alien concepts would invade my mind and make me think of what can go wrong,” Fernandez said. “But no one is expecting for you to mess up.”

Fernandez also had fear of failure and he asked the audience again if they wanted to see someone fail. Then he explained how if you think things will go wrong then the results will be negative. This means you have to think on what can go right.

Casey Simmons, a history major who is a P.R.E.P. club member, came to this Mega Monday for the first time because he got an email about the event. The club has been active for eighteen years and meets every Tuesday in building five, conference room 203 at 2 p.m.

“I’d say twenty people, give or take, were at the event,” Simmons said.

Fernandez also used other people’s quotes by saying ‘count your blessings, not your problems.’ He explained to the audience what that phrase meant: to not let someone bring you down and to just keep smiling.

“Your life is based on your actions so make a good choice,” Fernandez said. “The past can come back and haunt me, but I am in control of my mind, and I won’t let the things ruin me.”

Fernandez has ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but he accepts it and will not let it control him because he is in control of his actions. He shows life who is boss by being in charge of which road to take in life.

Miranda Shiver, a theatre major, attended the event for experimental learning for her psychology club. In the club, she is encouraged to get involved with campus activities and clubs.

“I liked the presentation because it had high points and a lot of engagement with the audience,” Shiver said. “I thought it was really fun and energetic but also had some obstacles on the time management because he had so much to say.”

All in all, the event was an inspirational learning experience on building confidence and being yourself. The event’s theme was “to be your awesome self,” and Fernandez hit is point home.

By: Banesa Medina


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