Fun Fitness Field Day at CF Brings Healthy Snacks, Fun Activities and Stress Relief

Students roam around the field in search of activities and free fun.

Students roam around the field in search of activities and free fun.

On February 18, the Student Activities Board teamed up with Tyla Kennedy, a Herbalife health coach of Shape Up Ocala, to put on a fitness field day. During power hour at CF Ocala, SAB decided to use the loss of the scheduled event speakers to their advantage and put on a last minute fitness field day, and did they get some active participants. With hula hoops, Frisbees, many different sports balls, and even a marshmallow shooting range, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

“It was awesome,” said Kennedy. “I had such a good time, there’re so many students inquiring about living a healthy active life and that’s what it’s about: creating a positive energy and helping people stay motivated.”

Kennedy came early on in the event to help students with yoga and Zumba, getting all of the muscles in the body moving. Kennedy also was able to promote her fit camp going on at Shape Up Ocala which sparked even more interest.

“Originally we had speakers scheduled, but they cancelled,” James Dickins, the campus relations of SAB, said. “We pulled this little last minute thing with Tyla and we came up with Fabulous February Fun Fitness Field Day. It was a great day to get with friends to relax since it’s a bit of an off day, for the campus seemingly being empty.”

Everyone interacted with each other, even those who had never met each other were kicking around soccer balls and doing long football passes. It was an event to show what truly could bring everyone together in a healthy way.

“We’re team Marshmallow Swag,” student Tyce Adams said. “We had a lot of people involved with the marshmallow gun station. We’re hoping that the students get a little more competitive if this continues.”

It was a great event to promote fitness and healthy living. SAB supported a healthy diet along with an active lifestyle by offering free healthy snacks.

“It’s just fun and it’s even better because it’s a nice day out,” Adams said.

The event last until around 2 p.m. and even then students did not seem to want the fun to end. To look for this event just use hash tag CF Field Day on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s been proposed to our executive board to have a campus integrated day where we focus on something healthy,” Dickins said. “We should enjoy the center lawn whether it’s to relax or to get up and get active, that’s what it gets mowed for anyway. We’re hoping to team up with Tyla again for more events like this one.”

By: Taylor Champion


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