Free Spin Classes at CF

Zelinksi coaches spin techniques to a full class.

Zelinksi coaches spin techniques to a full class.

The music resonates through the room and through each spinner at each and every spin class. Spin is a new trend and it is offered right here free of charge, at CF.

Spin class is a high-intensity workout where one hops on a stationary bike and peddles at differing speeds with varying resistance settings to build strength, endurance and burn calories.

Donna Zelinski is CF’s spin class instructor. She was officially certified 20 years ago.

“I fell in love with it as soon as I discovered by it,” Zelinksi said.

The spin classes are located in building 53 beside the gymnasium. Zelinski has been at CF for 12 years and began teaching spin classes seven years ago. It is free to faculty, staff and students. Zelinksi says that she loves teaching spin classes because she loves to see her students and others grow and achieve their goals.

“I love it, it’s a terrific activity because it can be individualized,” said Glenn Morelock, Professor of Wellness. “I love working out to music.”

Students who have the time and want to try something new can participate.

“It’s a great class and it’s convenient,” said Ebony Thomspon, a student here at CF. “I have lots of time to fit this class into my work schedule. Mrs. Donna is great and I attend class regularly 5 days a week for 45 minutes.”

Spin classes are for anyone who wants to come and relieve stress or just work out and try to improve their weight. It is also get extra credit from certain classes. Many students and staff explained how they enjoy the music and Zelinksi because she makes it more fun and easy. Many people who attend this college do not know about the spin classes; however they are free, fun and healthy for you.

Zelinski also explained how she wanted the class to expand and become more widely-known around campus. In the spin class, there are 28 bikes available, not including Zelinksi’s bike.

“My favorite thing about spinning class is Mrs. Zelinksi and her music” said Kristina Garcia, a spinning student.

Students are not the only ones who can take advantage of this equipment.

“The health and wellness program offers excellent opportunities for both faculty and staff to get in shape” said Sarah Satterfield, professor of Humanities.

This is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to come out and share a great experience with Zelinksi and other instructors who teach the spinning class. There are not very many classes and activities to do for free nowadays, so if you are a CF student, come try out something new that will improve your fitness and make for a better day.

By: Markeisha Watkins


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