Mega Mondays Merges to the Webber Center for Lunch with the President and VP


Lyn Powel and Paul Reyes answer students’ questions.


It’s the first day of the week and to some it’s the worst day of the week, but the College of Central Florida makes it the biggest day of the week. Mega Mondays are held between 12-2 P.M and features a plethora of events that vary each Monday. On January 26 in the Webber Center, the college provided free lunch with Dr. James Henningsen, President of CF and a recently added member, Dr. Saul Reyes, the new Vice-President of Student Affairs. They tackled topics such as student affairs, financial aid, and much more while each student and faculty member enjoyed the conversation with free lunch provided by Rosemary &Thyme. The turnout for the event consisted of about 50-70 people which included students, faculty, and our very own police academy. They sat front and center and filled the first 2 rows.

Henningsen attended for a brief moment and said a few words of encouragement for the semester and then handed the mic over to Dr.Reyes who tackled a slew of topics.

“Our offices are here to help you, whether it be a faculty or myself,” Reyes said.  “I would like you to feel comfortable coming to me.”

He then began to answer students questions. Many students had questions on financial aid, whether it regarded the reimbursement of the aid or the amount given, but no one was left unanswered.

Student/member of the African American Student Union Shantel Flowers asked, “What happens when you need more assistance from financial aid, do you take out loans?”

Dr.Reyes and Dean of Enrollment Lyn Powell gave general advice to the listeners that there are many methods to obtain money, such as scholarships to apply for like Dream Keepers. The final option was taking out a loan (which they highly suggest to learn the financial literacy before taking that step).

April Charles, President of the African American Student Union, tackled a topic on graduation. “Members of SAB, and the honors program, etc. on graduation wear certain sashes over their gowns,” Flowers said. “I am a member of clubs outside of that, and the President of the African American Student Union-which I believe that when we as individuals of the union graduate, we should receive an incentive or a sash to wear to acknowledge that we participated in these clubs, are there any considerations about creating some type of incentive?”

Dr. Reyes handed the question over to SAB member Marjorie McGee, who quickly answered. “That was one of the first few discussions I had with Dr.Reyes and it is still being discussed, and  after we completely figure it out we will ultimately present it to the President Dr. Henningsen who will make the final decision on that,” McGee said.

Dr. Reyes handled questions left to right and wrote each student’s name and problem down to immediately resolve when he has the chance to.

After the event ended, student Helen Dueno said, “I liked the event, questions were answered but administration always generalize answers.”

Ultimately, “Lunch with the President” was a great chance to sit down, enjoy some free catering and have students and faculty members voice concerns and ask questions, and each inquiry was acknowledged and given a chance to be looked over and solved.

Story by: Erica Wong


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