No Sweat!


Beep! Beep! BeepSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA! The alarm has sounded, it’s time for school. Giving into temptation, you slam the snooze button and fall back asleep. When you awake, you notice that you have 10 minutes left to get ready for class. Springing from bed in a pair of sweatpants, you brush your teeth, throw your books in your backpack, grab the car keys, and head to school.

Two words: Elastic. Waistband. Sweatpants have been a growing trend in high schools and college campuses across the country. The casual nature of the soft, loose – fitting comfort garment has sparked a new style at schools everywhere. However, is wearing sweatpants or pajama pants to school acceptable?

“If you had a presentation and you wore sweatpants, nobody would take you seriously,” said Devanshi Patel, a CF dual-enrollment student. “Some people judge others depending on how they dress and wearing pajamas anywhere other than home, is not appropriate, no matter how comfortable it is.”

“Sweatpants will (almost) never not fit,” said nursing student Heather Moak. “However, professionals are expected to look and present themselves as professionals in Institutions of higher learning, and students should meet the same expectations.”

While some students wear sweatpants because they woke up late and were in a hurry for school, others relish the extra layer of padded comfort their sweatpants provide, especially when it’s chilly outside or in the classroom.

“Dress codes are for high school, not college,” said Austin Johnson, a computer science major. “As long as I show up to class and complete my work, whatever I wear shouldn’t matter. My sweatpants are extremely comfortable, and they have pockets.”

When it comes to wardrobe choice, everyone has a different opinion. Some call it freedom of expression, others simply call it comfy.

“I feel better and my day goes better when I look presentable,” Patel said. “But we are adults in college, and although I personally wouldn’t wear sweatpants out, I don’t mind if other students do.”

College may be the grey area between a professional atmosphere and unprofessional attire, but as it turns out, wearing sweatpants does not necessarily equal looking sloppy. What you choose to wear to school will not alter your grade or your performance.

“Wearing sweatpants to school does not define who I am and it doesn’t affect where my future is heading,” Johnson said. “It’s not like I would wear them to a job interview or a meeting at work.”

Whether you wear sweatpants or not, the important thing is to be comfortable, do your work, and act professional. To purchase your own pair of CF sweatpants, visit the Bookstore.

By: Darbi Darby, Staff Writer


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