Relieve it, Relive it : Stress Busters 2014

On Dec. 3, 2014, the Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted the annual Stress Busters event in the Bedford Plaza.

Stress Busters is an event that takes place the week before exams, so that students can take out their stress of studying on obstacle courses or jousting.

“Stress busters is a great way to relieve stress and have fun with your friends before finals,” said Chris Shearon, CF student and sports manager.

This semester, Stress Busters was held in the Bedford Plaza, located just outside of Buildings five, seven and eight.

Music could be heard being played from near the Public Safety office, food was being served to those in attendance and the blown-up obstacle course and jousting center could be seen from every direction.

Groups of students gathered under the trees to socialize and study during activity hour. Other students huddled in large groups to watch students run through the obstacle course, or to watch their friends beat each other with jousting sticks.

“Stress Busters is new to me, but I’m glad I get to chill outside with my friends and watch everyone else do the obstacle course,” said Matthew Bryant, business major.

Stress Busters seemed like a fun way to relieve the stress of binge-studying just before finals week. Remember, if you are feeling the stress of finals, think back on Stress Busters for a good laugh.

By. Eric Skinner

Photo by Eric Skinner

Photo by Eric Skinner

Photo by Eric Skinner

Photo by Eric Skinner


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