The 93rd Annual National College Media Convention

The Creators of, a Philadelphia news site, talks to all the students during the opening keynote.

The Creators of, a Philadelphia news site, talks to all the students during the opening keynote.

As everyone eventually learns, there is no such thing as not making mistakes. There is always an opportunity to improve, which can be a positive thing. For young students involved in middle rent forms of college media, we are given a very special one of those opportunities. Every year in the fall the College Media Association and the Associated Collegiate Press host an event for over 2,000 different college media outlets to come together, collaborate, and learn.

This year the conference was held in a very special place, the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia! What better place to learn about education in a city that housed some of the smartest and innovative thinkers to ever live.

For students in college media this opportunity is one that is expansive and covers a lot of material. Every day there are seminars hosted by educators, writers, and experts in their respective fields.

For example, two guest speakers, Chris Krewson and Jim Brady, gave an opening Key Note on a brand new website geared towards young Philadelphians, and also some insight on how journalists can adapt and grow in the changing field of journalism.

Other seminars are geared towards journalists creating new, entertaining designs for student publications. These types of seminars also include workshops and critiques on submitted photos and student publications.

Perhaps one of the greatest perks is the advice one can get from very experienced professionals, for example The Patriot Press team was coached by a Pulitzer Prize winning layout designer for the L.A. Times. There was also a seminar taught by two alums of one of the nations too magazines, Esquire, on the experiences they have had and that can be used to help students. There was also an opportunity to ask questions on design and other topics that pertain to students’ publications.

Each day as the sessions ended the education didn’t stop there. The City of Brotherly Love is filled with colleges, museums, and historical sites that provide one of a kind learning experiences. For example the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology was one of the largest collections of original Egyptian mummies and artifacts such as the newly acquired Egyptian Sphinx.

One can’t visit Philly without seeing where it all began, Independence Hall, which was converted into a museum for the public. Things such as the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, and the notorious “Rocky steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art are all a must see.

At the end of the convention a small awards ceremony is held for all colleges and universities that are attending from all across the nation. One of these awards is the “Best in Show” category, and while this convention is here for the purpose of improving it comes with the amazing chance to know that your hard work has paid off and The Patriot Press was ranked number ten in the nation for their respective category!

All in all, the main focus of this year’s National College Media Convention was an incredible learning experience for student journalists to make their publications enjoyable, entertaining and informative for readers and viewers just like you.

Now it becomes a challenge of applying criticism and improving so it can be done all over again next year, but nothing compares to the Philly experience of this year’s college media convention.

By: Jordan Wenk

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