Sugar Mama’s Southern Sweetery: A Southern Revival

Located at 809 N. Magnolia Ave, Sugar Mama’s Southern Sweetery is a throwback to the past in the heart of Historic Magnolia district. An old fashioned chalkboard menu features the everyday breakfasts and lunches while a separate chalkboard lists the specials of the day.

The entree board lists all of the sweets baked fresh every day. Clear cases and jars hold the goodies on the counter. A few house favorites are the kitchen sink cookies, hummingbird cake, and pumpkin spice cupcakes.

The general eating area of Sugar Mama's has a large amount of space.

 Sugar Mama’s embraces a spacious interior and indistinguishable southern decor.

An open floor plan with small tables in the sunshine and big, open booths to seat large parties reside on the far wall. Chalkboard signs with sayings such as “Kiss my Grits” adorn the wall in a shabby chic fashion straight out of Pinterest. Flowers are on every small table in a fresh, white vase.

I visited on a hot Saturday afternoon for lunch with a friend and I was not disappointed. Upon arriving, I was immediately ushered into one of the large booths to the side and my drink order was taken as soon as I sat down.

The sweet tea was strong and sweet, just the way it should be. I ordered the sausage and shrimp gumbo and was more than delighted. The gumbo was piled with corn, spicy sausage, large shrimp, rice, and tomatoes. The only thing I would comment on would be that I hadn’t realized the sausage would be so spicy. Had I known, I may have instead opted to try the country Cuban sandwich.

The portion sizes are huge and for the price, could not have been better. For dessert, The owner Nicole graciously gave us a slice of sweet potato pie to share. A friend took tried to take home a slice of the peach cobbler, but she couldn’t hold back and it didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before it was gone.

The sweet potato pie could not have been more delicious. The potatoes were sweet, and the pie crust was sturdy yet still melts in your mouth.

A worry for many college students is: will this fit into my budget? For the price of a McDonald’s meal, you can get a meal at Sugar Mama’s, sit in a clean, cheerful restaurant and have an attentive waitress right there to refill your drink and make your experience memorable while you support a local business. The servings are so large, you could easily eat your fill for one meal and take home to the rest for left overs. If you wish, they even have a kids menu to choose from.

I have found Sugar Mama’s isn’t just a local restaurant but it is becoming an active member of the community. In early September, they opened their doors to a line dancing class. Nicole Stewart, one of the co-owners of Sugar Mama’s, spoke to us during my visit; she said they are making strides to offer cooking classes early next year.

I could not have been more pleased with my experience at Sugar Mama’s. It’s peaceful while still having a fun atmosphere, the wait staff is extremely attentive and willing to go above and beyond to make your experience as comfortable as if you were at your grandmothers house for Sunday dinner. The best way I could describe Sugar Mama’s would be down home cooking at its finest.

From left to right: volunteer Zee Carter, Sugar MamaNicole Stewart, and Tereka Taylor grace the southern ambiance of the Sweetery

From left to right: Volunteer Zee Carter, Sugar Mama owner Nicole Stewart, and volunteer Tereka Taylor grace the southern ambiance of the Sweetery.

By: Alison Martin


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