As Above So Below: Ratings Up or Down the Hole?

As Above So Below
“As Above So Below” is a thriller with a historical twist, centered on uncovering previously unknown areas of the French Catacombs, in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, a mystical object that grants eternal life.

Our main protagonist, Scarlett (Perdita Weeks), is an archaeologist, following in the footsteps of her father, a deceased scientist whom was regarded as crazy for believing in Alchemy (a forerunning of chemistry centered on turning metals to gold). Believing that her father’s work was not in vain, Scarlett uncovers clues that lead her to the legendary catacombs of France, a series of spooky tunnels under Paris where over 6 million dead call home.

In a mythological sense, the storyline was sound, taking elements from both folklore and ancient writing and tradition. With so many hooks floating in the water, the movie could be of interest to many a person, making it a quintessential horror. The movie itself had a larger turnout, with a crowd of at least 200 people, ready and willing for the fright to ensue.

Unlike other thrillers in its genre, “As Above So Below” is strikingly accurate in a historical sense. Combining mythologies of ancient times in conjunction to the work of Nicholas Flamel (a famous alchemist believed to have succeeded at gaining eternal life), you create an intriguing picture. Both of these elements add to the scene created by brilliant horror director and writer John Erick Dowdle, whose other works include Quarantine, Devil, and The Dry Spell.

The movie’s namesake is an articulation that comes from Hermeticism, a parallel to those of doctrinal faith. This means what happens on one level, be it physical, emotional, or metaphysical, happens on all others—kind of creepy, considering the catacombs and passageways lead to what is to only be described as the world beneath our own.

The storyline is a little slow on the uptake, but immediately takes off after Scarlett acquires a team willing to trek into the bowels of the city’s catacombs. Led by an eccentric and reluctant guide (Francois Civil), they have no choice but to trek into what can be described as “Sacred Land,” where things get a little dicey.

It is described that throughout history, humans have experienced an evil that is reminiscent of the darkest tales of lore; this is a story of those evils. Shadows in the dark, tall, thin figures in the night, the familiar haunt of death surrounding us: the frightful depictions in this movie are all familiar sights.

With many scares to make you jump, “As Above So Below” is the quintessential thriller, doing what is intended when you go to a scary movie: cling to your loved ones and get your heart racing.
In conclusion, As Above So Below is a great thriller, with a pronounced cast that takes you along the underground journey to hell. It is worth going to see in every sense, entertaining through and through. It is available for your viewing pleasure at the Regal Hollywood 16 Theatre.

By: Cody Jackson


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