The Psychology Club brings art to CF

Artist Phyllis Mastro accompanies her diverse works of art.

Phyllis Mastro was one of the many artists whose works were on display at the event.

By Greg Davis

The College of Central Florida recently paid attribution to featured artists when it held an art exhibit by members of the Ocala, age 50 and up, community. The event was sponsored by the CF Psychology club, Jennifer Fryns, the Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Science, as well as the CF Veteran’s Department.

At the event, students were able to view the art work and talk to the featured artists about their creations.

Of these featured artists included Phyllis Mastro. Mastro showed her diversity in art crafts spread across an entire room, anticipating the chance to share her imagination and creativity with every student that walked in.

Mastro’s work included quilts that she made from spare fabric that was given to her by the Salvation Army, Crochet Angels that represented different races and heritages, and water painted canvases.

Mastro had a story for every piece of art work, proclaiming part of her success towards religiously guided paintings. One example of this was the water painting she made of several fish in the water.

“I truly feel that while I was painting this, God was inspiring me,” said Mastro. “Because when you are painting a fish you have never seen, you don’t know what it looks like.”

CF Student, Murraysha Ramnarine, biology major, also enjoyed the scenery while Mastro toured her around the room sharing her experiences with her art work.
“Her art was so beautiful, you would never believe that she has only been doing this for two years,” Ramnarine said.

Mastro has received several awards for her art, including first place in Marion County art competition for a water painted rose.

When asked why the Psychology club decided to create this event, Karla Wilson, Faculty Advisor of the Psychology club, spoke up for the students of the club wanting to give back to the community.

“Two years ago, the Psychology club attended an event called Day of Caring, where we met three women talented in art,” Wilson said. “Our club Vice President, Dawn Matthews, really wanted to demonstrate their art work and the value of the older community after retirement.”

With the event having a fair turn out of people, it looks like this will not be the last time CF students will have a chance to visit the art exhibit.

“If even three students were inspired and helped encouraged the older community that they still have an impact on society, then the event was a success,” Wilson said. “I’m very proud of the Psychology club for wanting to impact society and we are looking to hold this event again to continue that impact.”

Those interested in meeting up with Mastro, or being a part of the action, Mastro attends art classes Friday’s at 1 p.m. at Hobby Lobby. The classes included water, acrylic, and oil art styles.


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