International Film Series: “Talk to Her”

Written by: Myriam Noua


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to different countries to learn a different culture? Some people may be worried about the airfare price, or some are afraid to travel.

If you are a movie lover, then you should not panic, because the International Film Series gives you the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about different cultures just by watching movies at CF.

Joe Zimmerman, professor at CF, teaches film, English and humanities. He is the one in charge of the International Film Series (I.F.S).

I.F.S was founded in 1962 by professor Ira Holmes. At that time, they were not international films, cds or dvds. Holmes used a projector to show the movies.

“The purpose of the International Film Series is to bring a message to the people. The movies have a cultural, historical and artistic value,” Zimmerman said. Films at the Ocala campus are free and open to everyone. CF students get in free at Appleton; however, non-members pay the museum admission price.

Jean Scheppers, Spanish professor, enjoyed the movie. “It is well done; they always selected good, various movies from different countries,” Scheppers said. “Usually, the movies bring out something unique to the country where they came from”.

Every Tuesday, there is a new movie. Most of the movies shown here at CF are dramas and reflect the historic and cultural values from the country it derived from. Generally, the movies are new releases and can be international or independent.

 Movies can be from Japan, France, India, Spain, etc. After watching the movie, there is a discussion based on the movie. All participants get together to share their ideas and give their point of view.

“Talk to Her,” a Spanish movie directed by Pedro Almadovar, was played on Oct. 1, 2013. The movie contains drama, romance and comedy.

 “Almadovar always keeps us guessing and the movie was funny. He always puts some beautiful songs and a very nice ballet,” Zimmerman said. “it is very Spanish because of the bullfighting.” Besides the movie, Zimmerman described his character unique and like his relationships. He thinks that makes Almadovar human.

“Everyone loves and wants to be loved; don’t judge anyone and be kind to people,” said Scheppers, who felt touched by this in the movie.

“Talk to Her is known for showing the complexity of how each person sees reality differently. Simple things such as making a new friend, seen through the magnification of Almadovar’s lens, become very complex,” said Patricia Sierra, human resources major.

Most of the viewers are elders. Zimmerman believes that young people might find the titles weird and prefer watching their movies online or through other electronic devices. Another reason is that young people want to be entertained.

“Cinema is the popular art. It brings people together and helps us understand different cultures and ideas. I would like to invite everybody to board and stay for the discussion in their comfort zone,” Zimmerman said.


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